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Life Has The Potential To Be So Much Better When You’re Eating Well.

Our diet plays an integral part in our health and wellbeing. Our body is made up of the food we eat and what we drink. Eating better means feeling better and ultimately living better.

“You Are What You Eat” is our motto so our mission is to provide you with all the information you need to get the nutrition that’s right for you. Our goal is for people to live a healthy and happy life with good food and for everyone to nourish their soul with the right nutrients.

In today’s world, quick, healthy, and simple food is difficult to find. That’s why we offer a healthy meal delivery service with freshly cooked food, delivered directly to your doorstep daily!

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At B Nutrition, we are passionate about clean food, real food, food that is good for you and our planet while still being delicious!



Is Passionate About Food And Health.

After working for over 2 years in one of Rocket Internet’s food start-ups, Bianca pursued her passion and studied a Plant-Based Nutrition Course at Cornell, an Ivy League research university in New York State.

This enabled her to gain specialist and extensive knowledge on plant-based diets. She learned how such a diet is beneficial and why it can be so important, for us and for our planet! Eager to learn more, Bianca decided to take an Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management in London, which is certified by the Association for Nutrition (AFN) and by VTCT. This course enabled her to gain specialist and extensive knowledge of how to run an advanced nutrition program and how it applies to different sections of the population. In addition to giving consultations, Bianca wanted to give everyone the possibility to eat well in a busy world. She believes everyone should be able to eat real food, unprocessed and as natural as possible. Passionate about health, she truly believes food is medicine, hence why she created B Nutrition, a meal delivery service where yummy, healthy and fresh meals are cooked and delivered to you daily.

She also implements an advanced nutrition programme for a range of clients worldwide and offers individual consultations to help them reach their goals.

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